One of the first independent multi-platform game development studios in Turkey, Pera Games was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate gamers and game makers. We’re dedicated to exploring our love of engaging gameplay experiences, developing our talents for making great games, and sharing what we do with players all over the world. We’re proud of what we’ve already accomplished on Overfall, our first project, and we look forward to applying what we’ve learned to future creative projects.


Early history

Pera Games founded in November 2014 with a mission to create well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences, assembled a talented team of gaming veterans based in Istanbul, Turkey.

After that

Development of Overfall began in December 2014 as the first project of the newly-established Pera Games, with the objective of combining challenging gameplay, high replayability and intricate story and art design. An early version of the game was exhibited at the GDC in March 2015, and a Kickstarter project page went up on September 2015 to positive reception, raised $67,768 USD with 1430 backers. Overfall released on Steam at 17th of May. Pera team is now working on their new project: Battle Commanders.



Battle Commanders - Greenlight Trailer YouTube

Overfall - Gameplay Feature Trailer YouTube


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