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Getting Ready for Kickstarter

Hello adventurers! Another very, very sunny and hot week is behind us. Gladly, it did not kept us away from creating cool content. Got it? 

Let’s hear from our team about what they have done this week.


This week:

  • Wrote voice-over narration for Overfall’s character trailer – a grizzled sea captain  introduces us to the playable heroes of Overfall!
  • Revised the text for the Kickstarter video.
  • Experiment week! Keeping it fresh and working on some alternative encounter structures, including:
  1. An epic tax collection quest!
  2. Personalized horoscopes for each hero character!
  3. A worldwide gladiatorial tournament!
  4. A matchmaking minigame!

Next week:

  • Experiment week goes on! Even more mind boggling adventures that will send you to the end of the world and back.
  • Progress on companion and unlock encounters!


  •  Kickstarter documentation complete.
  •  Coloring of the remaining companions are complete.
  •  Coloring of the remaining races are complete.
  •  Hollow NPCs complete.

Next week i will continue to work on NPCs.

Three Hollow NPCs

Three Hollow NPCs


  • Found lots of bugs and convinced them that they need to start their own company.
  •  Installed AC in the office. So we can continue creating this awesome game on crazy hot days.
  •  Vorn ships will now  follow the Jarl even if the King is not around.
  •  Added Guild Ships, Adventure ships, boats and pirates to the game. They all have a different agenda.
  •  Optimised the code so moving from the map to the scene is much faster in the worst case scenario.
  •  Adding a new kind of control for the story writers. Before this the story tellers could say which characters should we see on the other side but they had no control over where they stand. Now they can set a location and a heading direction for the characters they choose. Also if they create a fight scene they can make any of the characters a neutral NPC so they will just stand still and not participate in the combat. It is useful for scenarios like finding a bunch of slavers with a slave with them and fighting the slavers to save the slave. Now as the slave can be set as an NPC we don’t have to kill him/her 🙂
  •  Added rain, snow and ash particle effects to the map on the proper regions.
  •  Added bazaars to the game.
  •  On the top of the map UI we now we can see how long we have been journeying in terms of in-game-days.
  •  Improved the performance on the iOS build. New screen effects were killing the performance.
  •  Some of the environments we fight have closed hexes to match with the background. Until now, we had to make sure we had at least a few hexes on each line but now we have a smarter way of distributing the players so we can close any hex we want and create much more intense and interesting fighting environments.
  •  Now we have The Citadel, where we have the final battle in the game. There is a good way to find it, and also a lazy way. Both are now implemented in the game. With this one added the map base is finally complete. After this we will have bug fix and polish rounds on the map but all basic functionality is completely implemented.

There will be snow particles here. Mmmmm, snow.



This week i completed the remaining painting work. Also new NPCs are drawn and freshly painted!

Next week i will create 5 alternative portraits for each character. Plan is that we finish it until 7th of August. So, next month we will have 315 different portraits.



100 new people prefab added to game as images (characters, companions, foes, etc.) for gameplay trailer and ingame usage.

Made FX for resurrection at altar. I will spend some more time on that later.

This week’s animated backgrounds are;

  • Forest Shore
  • Grassland Graveyard
  • Adventurer Ship
  • Barrens Hill
  • Bazaar  Hall
  • Bridge (no_war)
  • Pirate Ship
  • Also made waves for ship background.

Next week looks classic for now, backgrounds and skill FXs.


This week, we decided it was time to let go of all the “planning” and “balancing” regarding the encounters, and just go with the flow and write. Whatever we want, and however we want. This is necessary because we don’t want our encounters to be repetitive and “mechanical” in a sense. Yes we need categories, planning and order while writing our stories, but we must not forget the most important part of story writing, and that is being creative and inspirational. Not to mention we needed this sort of break to empty our minds and write funny, intriguing encounters for our players. 🙂

Bulut added some features to our encounter scene structure. Now we have the freedom to play around with little details while constructing a scene; such as determining where the NPCs stand, which direction they face, which one engages you in combat and which simply watch you fight. These things are indeed very simple details, but they make a huge difference in storytelling in games such as ours. And yes, I am a happy, happy woman. 🙂

We have a long holiday starting next week, and I will be busy writing as many unique, experimental encounters as I can until I head off to the southern beaches! Farewell for now, friends.


Selin is going south, but here’s some northern content for you. Look out for Forsakens though!



This week I recorded the following sections for the gameplay trailer and put them together in a dummy render:

  • Choose Your Path
  • Prepare For Combat
  • Fight For Survival
  • Defeat Your Foes
  • Fall In Battle
  • Return To Life
  • Your Destiny Awaits You
  • Many People
  • Many Races

(No Spoilers!)

We’re still working on it, trying different stuff and improvising. Since there’s a national holiday this week (Thursday to Sunday), on the remaining days I’ll continue to record scenes. There are 2 more trailers on different aspects, so I’m gonna be working on them simultaneously.



Decided we need at least 3 video trailers to have a good impact. Hence we finished the gameplay trailer, however we still need some more polishing before publishing it. We planned a story trailer, where there will be an introduction of our 9 playable characters — from a sea captain’s perspective we will hear their characteristics.

I’ve been searching for a voice-over actor for this role. Got talking some of the professionals around the industry, going to choose our sea captain next week, at the mean time i am looking for another actor for the role Ezel, who is a wizard of great power, and one of the main characters of our main storyline, will be the main narrator of our in game cutscenes.

Yes we will have in game cutscenes! Also this week we started working on making the videos for them as well with our illustrator’s drawings.

For the last one we will record a kickstarter video, where you will be able to see footage from our working space and hear from us directly. This will be a combination of gameplay and story trailers in basic with real life footage so we need to finish the first two very soon.

I’ve uploaded everything we have been preparing to the kickstarter. Now we have a draft page to preview with our mentors. We learned some tricks about GIF optimization, it was terrible at the first draft now they will be working much more properly this week.

Marketing is a serious work, and it is a huge world. Taking too much time to understand the mechanics of the current system. To be successful at anything you need to be blind to a certain level of negativity, need to be confident about your options while looking forward positively, and be excited about what you are working on. I believe we have a fun game and has its originality, which makes it marketable — which means people hopefully will like it as we do, so our target audience will be people like ourselves — but we still should somehow let them hear about the existence of Overfall. We will be updating the game constantly and always, that is another point why i love this game it is very open for updates and adding more content.

I will be working on more community content next week, and continue planning and editing about the kickstarter campaign and marketing. I also will have a meeting about government bonuses to tech companies — where we might get backups from ministry of finance — a great subsidy that offers 50% of the platform commission back to the developers and other investments from the government to help us make a better game.


Two parts from a cutscene

Two parts from trailer scenes.



Well, adventurers. As you can see, even tough we still have work to do, we are really getting close to the KickStarter campaign. Overfall is happening.

I spent this week at home due to many family visits and a friend of mine staying over for a while for his job interview at here, Istanbul.

Sorry i was not able to share the Inside Look post last week, i just want it to be completely ready for your reading. Meanwhile, i keep updating our TIG Forums thread, and i really await your feedback about it.

It’s the 8th Dev Blog post we have created for you guys, and i want to hear more from you. What do you think about Overfall? What do you think about our blog posts? Please share your comments, we can even chat a little!

Also, since i am hungry for feedback, we will also be creating a Steam forum thread about feedbacks & progress updates and maybe even an IndeiDB forum thread. And don’t worry, i will let you guys know if we do.

Thank you so much for reading, and see you guys later!


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