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The Invasion begins


New map objects added and animated;

  • Map weathers: Snow, Rain, Dust (Volcanic)
  • Citadel Island Prefab
  • Seagulls, Crows
  • Jarl Ship
  • King Ship
  • Resource Drop
  • Resource Take
  • Ship Building

New backgrounds;

  • Vorn Ship
  • Ruins Animation

Next  Week:

Backgrounds and FXs.



  •  When we help a race, the opposing race becomes angry now.
  •  We removed all numeric requirements and rewards from the writers’ editor. They choose from small/medium/large reward and we assign it from the code. This way we can easily balance the in game’s economy.
  •  The islands we visited were  becoming  marked and when we came back we didn’t find more adventures. Now we have hanged it a little bit and now; after some time passes, islands become available to you again.
  •  More bug-fixes on encounter system and the map.
  •  Added the ship spawning animation. Timed and placed the animation so that just after the animation touches the water we summon the ship there.
  •  Added Jarl and King ships to the game. Now the Vorns have a purpose in life. They first try to collect enough resource to create a shipyard. Then they start bringing resources to this shipyard to create Jarl ships. These ships are much tougher and can carry much more resource. And the other nice thing is that smaller Vorn ships have a tendency to follow the Jarl and act as bodyguards. After we have 6 Jarls in the map they start waiting for the King. When they have enough resource; they summon the King Ship. When he enters the game ( by the way this marks that you are losing the game very soon if you don’t act fast ) he calls all the Jarls to his side. And then he starts the invasion. At this point all the Vorn ships stop collecting resources. Jarl ships follow the King and Small ships follow the jarls. If they cannot find a spot to follow the jarls they find out who the king is targeting right now and sail to invade that race. The King can invade the Race islands with shipyards. ( Other ships cannot do that ). And once he is done with one race he continues to the other. When he destroys 3 races it would trigger the end game sequence – but it is not in the game yet.
  •  Recorded an intro video with my iPhone, a print of the drawings we will use and extra white paper to show how the timing should feel like.

Next Week:

  • The end game sequence from the King
  • Adding the Citadel to the game so we can have the end game sequence.
  • Game balancing



Vorn Ships. Scary.



Started to add mouth animations to the characters.

Rewards, Strech Goals and general revision of Kickstarter page is complete.

Coloring is complete for the following characters:

  • Galvanist
  • Wrestler
  • Psion
  • Raindancer
  • Swash
  • Lightbringer
  • Everguard Predator

Next week i am going to continue coloring.



  • Worked over some posts for our TIGForums updates.
  • Cancelled the Inside Look : Ships of Overfall post (Sorry guys, it didn’t work out)
  • BUT, our two awesome writers Kaan and Selin were nice enough to answer my story related questions and instead of ships, you will discover the world of Overfall this week!
  • Made Instagram Cards for all the ships!
  • Played Overfall with a veteran, very trusted friend of mine. He loved it.
  • Created a post get our readers ideas about our Day – Night system.



  • This week I completely focused on gameplay trailer and GIFs of our Kickstarter page. I record, edit and organise everything that must be shown as an in-game footage in any page/trailer.
  • I made three major GIFs and recorded a lot of scenes for gameplay trailer.
  • Changed the character creation scene of gameplay trailer, now when that scene appears, instead of changing the characters, items and weapons on same screen, I recorded 20 different scenes and they will be shown in a fast-paced motion one by one, that alone looked incredibly cool. Also, we decided to change the flow of things that’ll show up.
  • After some minor changes on the soundtrack, new timings for each scene are finally done. Now that the dummy trailer is completely finished and we know what types of scenes we’re gonna present, next week I’m gonna start from fresh and record every scene from beginning with full quality and without any flaws.

Kickstarter, here we come!



This week I’ve been working on some more ideas for the Kickstarter Page and Marketing Materials. Updated the “campaign updates” list.

Made some changes on the drafts of the trailers. Hoping to finish the videos as soon as possible, we are learning that it is seriously not very easy to make a good video. Definitely i would not compare it with game development, it is completely different.



This Week:

Even more companion-related encounters! Some new ones are:

  • A knight obsessed with logic.
  • An Outlaw who most definitely ISN’T carrying a map to a fabled lost treasure.
  • A Knife Juggler with shaky hands.
  • A guy with an unhealthy obsession with blood.

Refined narration for the game’s cinematic and helped prepare a rough draft of their final look.

Minor revisions to writing for the Kickstarter campaign.


Upcoming Week:

Keep on truckin’: even MORE companion encounters!

Progress on guild unlock encounters!



Two different kinds of trees are drawn for each Flora Type (2×6)

50 characters painted!

Our latest team member Selin requested herself to be drawn as the “Wild Girl” character, so i drew accordingly . She is now Selin aka. “The Wild Girl” Sop.




Galvanist, Wild Girl, Everguard Predator


My progress on the Short_Lore category had to slow down a bit this week, because we made some changes to the in-game resource/reward commands. We decided it would be best to NOT determine the amount of resource-reputation gains with numerical values, but rather to use variables such as S, M or L. This will help us in several ways. We will be able to change the variable within unity anytime we want to balance things, when a certain type of resource doesn’t come up very often and the player constantly runs low of it. We can also bring an in-game economy to life, by changing the S-M-L values constantly so nothing will cost or be worth the same amount of money during the game. I spent a lot of time fixing old encounters and changing their rewards to variables from numerical values.

I also made a lot of dummy encounters for special cases, such as the ones which has a very rare chance to come up, so you only see the encounter if there isn’t enough encounters written into that specific category. I did some playtesting to see for myself which kinds of encounters come up very often and which do not. I understood how essential playtesting is, because you don’t see the whole game mechanic while writing something in Omni Outliner (the software that we use for encounter writing). This gave me a new perspective of the big picture.

Finally, I worked on the game cinematics with Kaan; put narration and subtitles to the videos. Bulut got included in this at some point, and we ended up shooting hand-made story board videos with our phone cameras. 🙂

Next week, I’m planning to continue working on Short_Lore.

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