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  • Progress on lore for unlockable skills.
  • Outlines complete for trinket and skill unlock encounters.
  • Outlining and writing narration for the game’s cinematics.

Wrote a whole bunch of companion-related encounters. Among the companions you can employ on your quest are:

  • An Executioner with a mid-life crisis.
  • A man who steals artifacts because, as he puts it, they belong in a museum.
  • A Hunter with a poor grasp of unicorn appearance.
  • A Rain Dancer who can’t make it rain.

Upcoming week:

  •  Keep on truckin’: finish up companion encounters.
  •  Make progress on guild unlocks.
  •  Some revisions to writing for cinematics and press kit.


  • Vorn version of the Last Stand Bridge is completed.
  • Done visual research and some sketching for cinematics.
  • With the completed scenarios, i completed the intro cinematic and (spoilers ahead)  fake ending cinematic.
  • Still working on the final victory cinematic.

Next week i’m planning to complete the remaining cinematics and few remaining task.



This week, I started to  work  on the Short_Lore category. I have started outlining the encounters first then I divided the Short_Lore encounters into three different categories;

  • Ambassador: A dialogue-based encounter with an aligned race involving the use of hero traits. Received when reputation is high with that race. It usually involves another respected race (elves-forsaken, dwarves-orcs etc.) and humans.
  • Negotiator: Any faction can ask the player to carry out a non-combat task involving the use of hero traits. If accepted and completed, this can affect reputation. Refusing a negotiation task with an aligned race will result in a medium loss of reputation.
  • Forced: A race with low player reputation forces them to carry out a (mainly) non-combat task involving the use of hero traits.

As you can see, I will be writing a lot of hero/companion trait related encounters, which will be a nice peaceful change for me after all those resource/combat oriented encounters.


  • King and Jarl Vorn Ships are drawn and painted.
  • 2 sets of hills and trees are drawn for the map. Hill is painted, next week i will complete the tree painting and therefore complete the map elements.
  • Inn, Bazaar, Burning Village and Ruins are complete.

Next week i will paint  50 previously drawn characters.


New map improvements made; Resource Drop, Resource Take, Ship Building, Quest Mark, Island Burning Fxs added.

Spared some time for converting some islands to their night versions just for testing. And it works pretty good, seems like we are going to have day and night circle if we can manage to spare more time on all islands and characters.

New Animation for Merkismathr (A Vorn Solider); Double Axe Throwing

Also new FX for hitting with double axe and it’s missed version. This was our first miss animation we made but skill FX system needs to be improved for that. For now we can’t use it but i’m going to create FXs anyway for miss animations such as arrows, knives etc. for future.

Other FXs implemented;

  • Rallying Shout
  • Self Focus
  • Balanced Stance
  • Bloodlust
  • Demoralizing
  • Herbal Bandage
  • Thundercloud
  • ClayBlast
  • ClayFlash
  • Dark Purge
  • DeathGrip
  • Interchange
  • Petrify

Bonus: Druid boobs shaking when moving and casting.



  • Kickstarter materials chart and  materials headers are complete.
  • Kickstarter rewards are being worked on.

Line and Parting works are done for the following elements:

  • Everguard Arcanist
  • Everguard Invoker
  • Everguard Mentalist
  • Everguard Predator
  • Companion Gladiator

Next week i will continue to work on Kickstarter.


This week I mainly focused on icons and Kickstarter gameplay trailer (mostly on the trailer).

We’re in the final stages on gameplay trailer in terms of scene structure and soundtrack. Our soundtrack artist Ali (the other Ali)  is making the final touches, then I will re-record the entire trailer on full quality with latest assets and send the whole package to a professional for editing.

I finished the implementations of icons we’ll see in character creation to Unity. I also recorded 24 loops of our backgrounds for ambient sound, sent it to our sound engineer.

Lastly, I did some minor changes in terms of balance, played a game called Overfall a lot!

Next week I’ll mainly continue to do KS campaign work with lesser design stuff on the side.


  •  Battle Music will no longer loop. We switch to the next one once a song is finished.
  •  We can destroy Everguards now if we chose to fight with them. (We can destroy other race ships too if needed.)
  •  The quest marker is fixed and optimised. We can show several quests and they have tooltips showing the name of the quest.
  •  Now race ship can sail to you to give you a quest! We use this when you reach maximum rep from a race to give you the final quest of the race.
  •  IOS build!! Our IOS build works once again. But we need a heavy UI remake to make it playable.
  •  Added the shiny new effects to the map. Now when the ships get repaired, a shipyard on an island is conquered or built we have a nice FX to show what is going on. Also razed islands are on fire now.
  •  Lot’s of bug fixes. From save game manager to encounters. Now game runs more stable.
  •  The dictionary we use for the story items now counts how many times a variable has been set. And we can use this as a requirement for a story event.
  •  Faster AI recovery from scene changes. The AI ships will start much faster when we return back to the map. It used to take 3-5 seconds before the ships recognised that they had to do something.
  •  Now when the food is depleted your ships become much slower and  an easier target. Also, you cannot heal between battles.

Next Week:

  • Adding the Vorn Lieutenant and Vorn King ships to the game and add their AI.
  •  Add special quest showing when a Encounter pool doesn’t have the encounter type we need to see where we need to focus on story writing.


  • Created and edited several documents like Campaign Prep, Press Kit, KS Video, KS Description.
  • We now have a goal to get the campaign ready at August 10th. By that time we need to finish every campaign asset like videos, gifs and texts and we need Overfall’s broadcastable demo build.
  • Edited some screens: Score & Stats. Updated tasks to get things done.


  • Between make-up exams and summer school start, i enjoyed my only little one-week holiday and worked to get my YouTube channel ready for the summer.
  • I scheduled my summer school to make up free time for the Overfall. My school is just one-ship-away (and a little painful walk) from the company, so i have spreaded the lessons to early hours.
  • I made some Instagram Cards (little stylish  in-game element images for publishing) about ships. I am currently stacking them up in my computer, but don’t worry we will share them with you very soon!
  • Tried different color variations for blog-posts but none of them look as cool as greyish-black and white.
  • Made a little fun questionnaire for Serif about Ship drawings, i will share his answers with you next week!

Ibrahim was doing night-shifts with Ali this week for marketing.

Ibrahim found a little something when he came back.



Thanks for reading folks! See you next week.

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