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A Troll to Kill for your Last Stand


This week I wrote down some unique passive abilities for all 45 companion classes, recorded scenes from game to use on GIFs, community pages, gameplay trailer etc.

Other than that I fully focused on getting the skill and thought bubble icons ready to work. By that, I mean setting each of the icons individually for the UI. There is about 1000 of them in total, only 580 finished this week.

Next week I’m planning to finish up the implementations of icons, then work on some passive abilities for Enemies and companions. And of course, the gameplay trailer.



  • New island assets added to map.
  • New camera bloom effect added.
  • New color correction plugin studied. We need to work on scenes to apply some correction.
  • New Skill Fxs added.
  • Map UI finished and shipped to Bulut.
  • Map FXs added to game as prefab.

Next week, i’m planning to;

  • improve map even more.
  • Work on our game trailer cinematic materials if needed.
  • Back to working on character skill FXs.



This week:

  •   Finished lore for trinkets and weapons!
  •    Finished outlines for guild weapon unlocks!
  •    Started writing lore for unlockable skills. While each weapon has an associated history, and each trinket an associated memory, each skill will be linked to a line from an epic poem that forms a mythical view of the history of Dys. (If anyone   knows a word that rhymes with “Overfall”, let me know. I’m making a list.)
  •    Wrote dummy versions of the vital story encounters. The game is now technically finishable, and  I have a framework onto which I can build for writing purposes.
  •    Started writing encounters which allow the player to unlock new hero classes. Fun times!
  •    Composed the written material for the game’s press kit. Not long before we go live!

Next week:

  •    Keep on truckin’: finish class unlock encounters and make headway on unlock quests.
  •   End o’ the (out)line: finish outlines for trinket and skill unlock encounters.
  •    All sorts of other magical things.



Last week, I started working on Short_Combat category. Short_Combat is the type of encounter where you are basically expected to fight and survive, with very limited options to avoid conflict. However, the reason for your heroes to fight varies all the time. Sometimes you fight because someone else has asked you to do it on their behalf, sometimes you are directly confronted by your enemies. Using these differences in motivation and condition; I have come up with three different encounter types belonging in this category:


Champion: Received from races with high player reputation. Completing combat-involving tasks yields medium reputation gain for that race. Rescue is the type of encounter where you help a race in a non-homeland island. Protect happens on homeland islands.

Mercenary: Neutral combat encounters which are unaffected by your reputation level. Essentially, you agree to participate in combat on behalf of someone. The reasons may vary, though mainly consisting around revenge-rescue-claim themes. If given by members of the 6 races, they cause gain or loss in reputation. If given by Human NPCs, you are rewarded by resources.

Disliked: Received from races with low player reputation. Typically, a player must survive an attack by that faction. This can be avoided with very specific traits. These types of  combats are usually not easy.

I’m done outlining these encounters, and I will be writing their dialogues this week. I aim to be finished by the end of the week, and get my hands on the Short_Lore encounter category next week.



Following Line Arts and Part-Seperating work completed:

  • Crystal Archer Companion
  • Outlaw Companion
  • Icemaiden Companion
  • Raindancer Companion
  • Galvanist
  • Psion
  • Shadowadept
  • Lightbrighter
  • Amazon
  • Wrestler
  • Soulbinder
  • Windicator

Next week, i am planning to start working on Everguards.



Missing parst of Tower Slots are now complete:

  • Orc Tower
  • Elf Tower
  • Dwarf Tower
  • Goblin Tower
  • Hollow Tower
  • Forsaken Tower
  • Vorn Tower
  • Inn and Altar
  • Bazaar
  • Ruins
  • Campfire and Burning village drawings are complete.

Next week i am going to complete Place Slot and Citadel island along with our new Vorn ships.



– Last Stand

Continued painting over Throne Room’s 3D Model.

After a couple of sketches and brainstorming, i made the 3D modelling of the Bridge. Now it’s being painted in photoshop.

We decided there would be two different versions of the Bridge, one of them being the Everguard Bridge which i completed this week.

Next week i am going to complete the Vorn Bridge and complete the backgrounds and the cinematic.



  • Ships now have even better targeting system for the islands they chose to sail. They get stuck less often.
  • Alliance  system is implemented into the game. Now the encounters can give you positive or negative points for the race alignments. When you reach a threshold you receive a special quest which leads to the race’s King who opens a beacon for you. And when you have unlocked 3 beacons you receive a quest leading you to the final encounter where the mystery reveals.
  • With the help of the alliance system we can beat the game once again. ( It used to work on the old map system but the changes on the map made it impossible to beat the game for a while )
  • Quest system works again and it’s smarter now about finding the island to put the quest on.
  • Now we have a UI on the map showing the resources and the current state of the alliances. It still needs more work.
  • There is an arrow pointing you to the quest you take. But it works for one quest right now and the system is a bit dummy, I will fix that next week.
  • Everguards now hunt you if you have too much dust on you. Or say “hey, how ya doin’?” if  you are off the radar.
  • Enemy ships not moving for a while for whatever reason now recalculate their purpose in life and start sailing somewhere else.
  • Changed the way the companion quests handled. They came from the same encounter pool now. But are skipped if the party is full.
  • The islands with resources are now more protected from enemy attacks than before. And the islands with shipyards cannot be attacked by the AI for now. ( The King will be able to conquer them. Coming soon )

Next week:

  • Complete the map UI.
  • Making the quest marker work smarter.
  • Maybe add the stronger Vorn ships. We still need drawings of them.
  • Help the video capturing by making the scenes change every 3 seconds.



Continued to work on Campaign Preps. Now we have at least a draft of almost everything we need to kickoff.

Made a basic press release, still working on the gameplay trailer. I am going to be taking the screenshots for the press as well.

Updated the mindmap and our map’s latest assets. Cleaned up trello. Finished and confirmed the screenplay of intro cutscene, next week we will do the same for fake ending and real ending scenes.

Ohhh and this week was super productive(!), because of the summer sale i’ve bought and played dozens of new games!!!



  • Failed two of my three important exams.
  • Couldn’t work much about the game because i was busy trying to study for my exams.
  • Got upset about how i can’t work over the game because i was busy trying to study for my exams.
  • Got even more upset because i failed them anyway.


I started to work over some little unit / arty images of in-game elements which we call “Instagram Cards”.

Tomorrow i will bring a news-writer to the office for a little Turkish article about our game.

We need more posts for our blog. My job here is to give you cute content to read and get you hyped.

I will be focusing on generating post ideas and creating Instagram Cards next week.


Thank you so much for reading, make sure you spare us a comment to make us happy because i failed my exams and i need hugs. See ya!

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