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Map and Character Selection UI


This week I decided to finish the implementations of Main Class weapons to Unity along with some balancing. Each class now has fully functional 5 weapons (with upgrades, prefabs and skills), so they’re now choosable in character creation screen. Also, with Azimet we revised some old icons and finished weapon icons in order to make them more appealing.

After that, I decided to finish up the neutral trinkets which were on my head for a long time, I’m pretty satisfied that their design on paper has finished (they need to be iterated tough).

Lastly I fully focused on creating some content for both Kickstarter campaign and for community in general. Recorded some scenes from the game, did some editing for a dummy gameplay trailer (still work in progress) and created some GIFs, screenshots etc.

Next week I’m planning to continue to create shareable content along with more balancing & pacing.



Completed the Short_Resource encounter category and integrated it to the reputation system. 60 new quests have been added to the game, which the members of 6 races request various resources from you. You can choose to help them or not; and reputation will be gained or lost with that race depending on your decision. Furthermore, we have a collection of reward-punish situations for each race. An Elf might give you free stuff because you have a high reputation with the Elven race, or an Orc war party might attack you on sight if you happen to be on bad terms with the Orcs. We are forming an encounter structure where your choices and interactions will have an impact on how you are perceived in the game environment.



This week:

Completed the remaining backstories for each hero class’s unlockable weapons! When the player unlocks any one of the 36 weapons available to them in the game, they’ll have the chance to read about the weapon’s place in the history of Dys.

Outlined half of the weapon unlock encounters. These are the actual encounters and combat scenarios the player will have to traverse to unlock the weapons and their associated lore.

Completed lore for 33% of unlockable class trinkets. Each trinket is imbued with a fragment of memory: when the player unlocks a trinket, they’ll experience a short scene through a different perspective.

Determined a consistent encounter structure for unlocking trinkets and skills. I’ll go into a tiny bit more detail on this next week.

With Selin: further expansion and fleshing-out of racial lore, especially relating to spirituality and culture.

Some minor revisions to the promotional material for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Here’s a highlights list of some of the stories I wrote this week:

  • The life and death of a wildfire.
  • An amateur vampire hunter’s first job.
  • A spell with a mind of its own.
  • A wolf going in for the kill.


Next week:

Complete class trinket lore.

Start working on the lore for unlockable skills. While each unlockable weapon has an associated history and each unlockable trinket has an associated memory, each skill will have a different type of lore altogether. More on that next update!

Finish outlining the weapon unlock encounters, and start turning ‘em into sweet, sweet adventures.

A battle scene

A battle scene


  • Character Selection UI implementation.
  • Dummy trinkets and trinket selection.
  • Tooltips for small UI elements.
  • Migrating to Unity 5.1
  • Separating the ship from “one central prefab for every ship” to “a prefab for each ship”. This way Veysel can customise them however he wants. And now it is easier to change the attack, health and resource carry limits.
  • Changed the way the ship AI handles the island landing.
  • The AI is smarter now; racial ships have a purpose. They gather resources from friendly regions and try to conquer the lands whose flora match with the race. When they have enough resource they sail to a shipyard if there is one or gather resources in an island to build one. Once a shipyard is built they create more ships! The Vorns do the same thing, but more aggressively. They attack first and gather resources later.

Next Week:

  • Map balancing. The number of ships in the map needs to be balanced a little bit.
  • Everguards; they chase you when you have too much dust.
  • Implementing the new requirements and rewards of the encounter system.



Flora Free

  • Remake of “Ruins” is now complete based on Selin and Kaan’s reference board.
  • Completed the Docks drawings.

Last Stand

  • Started to work over The Throne Room. First i created the basic model in Maya and then transferred the model to the photoshop and started drawing and painting. Work in progress.


Next week hopefully i am going to complete the Last Stand and therefore finish all the backgrounds. If i have any time left, i will start working on the cinematic trailer..



This week i kept working over the map elements.

  • For each island type, i applied Base & Wave, Hill and Tree elements to all islands.
  • Portal island is created.
  • Orc, Elf, Dwarf, Goblin and Hollow Tower sketches completed.



  • Continued the work on scenes.
  • Player Ship’s line art and coloring is complete.
  • All other ships’ line art and coloring is also complete and they are now separated into pieces for animating purposes.
  • Ranger Scene is complete.
  • Line art for Caveman, Bloodseeker, Crypt Raider and Jewelery are complete.
  • Cavemen painting is completed.



  • All ships are animated and added to the game. Guild ships lack icons but animation is ready.
  • New island textures are applied to the game.
  • Started to work on map UI design.
  • New artworks painted.
  • Portal Vorn ship spawning animation done.

Next week;

  • New map materials will be implemented if they are ready.
  • Map particles. Island interactions (such as capturing)
  • Ship combat animation (blast)
  • Map interface.
Portal Island & Map UI

Portal Island & Map UI


Completed a mockup for the Map’s UI and tossed it to Veysel’s troll-ish hands!

Wrote down the screenplay of our in game cinematics, with a new method we believe we will have a real good one in a perfect time.

I’ve finished the campaign mockup at last, and got some pros ready to work with us about spell proofing and other details of public relations. I’ve setup  the steam concepts page along with materials we have prepared with Ebuzer and Veysel. Also created TIGForums thread and IndieDB Page.

We are having such amazing feedback, all week i could not even sleep well, while only a thing in my head – “MORE COMMENTSSSSSS!” – Here’s some feedback from all those amazing people:

  • This game looks pretty awesome! Just watched the video and I think you have the mood of the title screen down pat. Can’t wait to try this out sometime in the future. I love roguelikes.
  • This looks really cool Your devlog seems to suggest you put a lot of thought and effort into the art-style and it definitely comes through. I’m looking forward to some more updates
  • Not big (no pun intended) on the oversized character heads and general character appearance but the environments are incredibly well done and I really like the travels on the world map (which also transitions really well for the battles). The world map as a whole looks lovely. I love seeing non-pixel based 2D games so really curious to see where you go with this.
  • Looks fantastic, great work guys!
  • Looks neat.
  • It seems awesome, cant wait the release
  • glowing triangle. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.



  • Gone outside of my scope and worked over a little marketing idea.
  • Updated the About page of our site.
  • Wrote an entry about our game to one of our country’s most popular dictionaries, eksisozluk with Selin.
  • Keep posting Facebook and Twitter updates and getting feedback outside of our official pages.
  • Watched my boss do things that i should be doing like creating our IndieDB page and TIGForum posts. Well, i am still blending in, need more information! I really need to spend more time in the office but currently i don’t have a good laptop. Working with iPad is a pain in the Viking Ship so i do my stuff at home, using my lovely PC.


Second part of finals have arrived (a.k.a make-up exams), i have two major, scary, deadly, mathy exams coming up, destroying the time i have at my hands.

This week was kinda rough for me with my school grades being announced, following me chasing teachers, begging for their mercy.

However, next week will be harder as i will take those scary exams and beg for even more mercy.

Wish me luck and spare a comment, will ya!


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