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Enemies Are Getting Smarter!

You know what they say Dear Adventurers; third time is the charm.

If you have not started already, this Dev-Blog is the time to start learning about your future favourite rogue-like-like!

Now let’s see what have our team done this week:


This week:

  • Completed Class Guild weapon lore for Clerics, Fighters, Rogues, Wizards, and Warlords – that’s backstory for twenty different weapons, folks! Also made substantial headway on the lore for Druids, Guardians, and Rangers..
  • With Selin, revised and finalized the Traits system: every hero class has 3 traits they can employ in dialogue to affect the outcome of an encounter (and every companion has an additional trait)!
  • Wrote / updated promotional segments for the upcoming Kickstarter Page!
  • With Selin, revised the storyboard for the Kickstarter promotional video.

Next week:

  • Clear up remaining Guild weapon lore and input it into the encounter system.
  • Start working on trinket and skill lore – that’s 36 different class trinkets and 45 different skills!
  • Some minor additions to the Kickstarter material
  • Writing or revising the Steam Greenlight material



  • Kept working on Faction Ships from where I left last week, completed Dwarf, Elf, Forsaken and Everguard ships.
  • Several discussion and brainstorming about Guild ships.
  • Completed Guild ships.


  • Did some B&W exploration sketches for Docks and moved to the final piece.
  • Still working on Docks background.

Next week:

  •  After completing Docks, planning to start working on The Last Stand and Ruins.
  • Exploring some styles for the game cinematic – sketching, doodling some ideas.

A Dock Scene WIP


This week:

  • With Kaan, we re-designed the racial reputation system and integrated it to the new encounter system we developed the week before.
  • Started to work on the newly founded Short_Resource category, practicing the use of our new reputation gain / loss situations
  • One by one, updated all previously written encounters for our new, revised encounter system. Replaced them in the correct categories; fixed  their inhabitant / setting informations to work in Unity without causing any errors.
  • Re-designed the Hero and Companion Traits with Kaan to make use of them more efficiently during encounters.
  • Made sure all the documents, spreadsheets, reference tables in our common team drive is up to date information-wise.
  • We planned at least how many encounters i should be writing in each category, to set quotas for ourselves.

Next Week:

  • Complete the Short_Resource category and get started with Short_Combat or Short_Lore.
  • Go over the Shortcuts document to fill all the placeholders.
  • Develop more in-depth culture and lore for races.


This week i focused on ESAD ( Enemy Skill Animation Documentation, if you remember from the previous post), new weapon icons, main class weapon balancing and upgrades.

  • ESAD of initial in-game enemies is now complete!
  • Main classes Fighter, Guardian, Warlord, Cleric, Wizard, Druid are implemented into Unity with their skills and upgrades!
  • Did some good ol’ balancing on weapon skills.
  • Weapon icons for character creation screen are decided upon.
  • Recorded 30 different scenes for Kickstarter campaign.

Next week i am going to do more balancing and implement the three remaining classes. In my remaining time i wish to completely work over Kickstarter gameplay trailer.

Maybe i’ll also check some neutral trinkets. Maybe.


  • New Music system: We have been trying a dynamic music system for a while which changes the instruments and melodies in the game as you go through different environments and the map. We had something working before but it wasn’t the best way to implement it. Now we have a better manager which can handle more with much less CPU cycles. And we actually used the instruments matching with the environments for the first time and although it still needs some work, it looks promising.
  • Dialogs: We have worked on our way of writing encounters on previous weeks now we have most of it in the game. And we’ve started to  put some of the new encounters our writers wrote to the game. It was starting to get boring to see the same encounters everyday.
  • Map: Now the inns are working as well as altars. Also the vorns can invade islands and raze them once again. Also, now we tag the islands our player has visited with a nice smal bouy.
  • Enemy ship AI: Now the enemies don’t think when they don’t need to! Previously they had several checks in Update function which was not so nice. Now they know when they need to make a decision and they don’t use any CPU when sailing on open sea. More CPU For everyone!
  • More packing tags: Auto packing tag system now works with the backgrounds too. We also have a special naming convention so our tagging system knows which of the images needs to be packed rectangle, which can be tight packed.
  • Gitignore: Git doesn’t track deleted folders and Unity creates meta files for empty folders. Which was starting to get boring. Adding this fixes the problem as we don’t submit the folder meta files to git anymore (they seemed pretty useless):      *.meta  &   !*.*.meta
  • Weapon swap system: Now we can put the weapon prefabs where they belong ( the hands of the heroes! )

Next Week on Overfall:

  • New character selection UI.
  • Map UI (yes we will really do it this time, I hope)
  • Vorn Shipyards. Vorns will start making their own ships.
  • Everguards. They will be fighting against the Vorns! ( and sometimes against us )
  • Allience System! (Again, coming soon)

A small cut from a procedurally generated map


Yet another week of beautiful and deadly weapons!

Weapons done this week:

  • Druid
  • Ranger
  • Pirate Striker
  • Pirate Watchdog
  • Pirate Ambusher

We have also worked over Overfall’s logo with Veysel. Then i made it good for web site use.

I created some scenes using in game characters as a marketing material.

Next week i wish to complete the scenes and keep working on my stuff.


  • Main hero weapons added to the game.
  • Character prefabs edited for weapon selection
  • Animated and implemented new backgrounds (Forest Camp, Volcanic Camp,  Altar ,Forest Village Razed)
  • New artwork painted

Next week i am planning to work on the remaining parts of our cinematic trailer.


Sketched island bases, hills and  trees for each flora type

Next week i will be working on remaining paintings


I’ve been doing more cleanup on our to-do checklist about kickstarter and greenlight campaigns. Completed the mockup of our page, and get our materials ready to show everyone how awesome Overfall is.

  • Created concept materials with Ebuzer, showing scenes from game.
  • Updated inhabitants spreadsheets, now we have new packages of enemies.
  • More work done to create the map and gameplay video.
  • More cleanup of folder structure, along with removing anymore unnecessary materials.

On Monday we will create a list about “what more do we need for the gameplay video?” and work over those elements on the list for the rest of the week.


We have published our Overfall Facebook Page!

Also make sure you follow Pera Games Twitter and Pera Games Facebook Page.

Currently, we are not creating a lot of posts for the social media. Our current focus is to create enjoyable materials for our future followers. We are filling our web page so when some one hears about the game and searches for it, he or she can found some cool information and materials.

I am still working on a social media project which will involve you guys.

If i can design it well and team likes it, i am sure you will enjoy the event when it reaches out to you.

Thank you so much for reading, and we will see you next week!

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