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More Weapons!

Well Dear Adventurers, another week is behind us!

Let’s see what have our hard working team done this week:


This week, i worked over class trinkets, new weapon concepts / names and enemy skill animations. Also, changes were made on class balances and Kickstarter gameplay video scenes.

Something else happened that i did not listed as “Future work”. I got sick and sadly, spent a couple days in bed. 🙁

  • All class trinket designs are complete and their concepts are decided upon. Their names are pretty straightforward right now, we will take care of it with the story team.
  • Old skill icons are revised.
  • All weapon drawings are complete except Ranger and Monk from the “concept decision is complete” list. All drawn weapons names are also decided.
  • Enemy skill animation documentation is almost complete.

Next Week:

  • Next week i’m planning to focus on enemy skill animation documentation (i think we should call this ESAD for short – or not.) and drawing Ranger and Monk weapons.
  • Also weapon upgrades and some balancing is on the focus-table.


  • Revised encounter structure into 9 gameplay categories determined by length (Insta, Short, Long) and purpose (Combat, Resource, Lore)
  • Subdivided 9 gameplay categories into a total of 26 categories determined by story function and reputation (e.g. Give/Request/Demand, Reputation-Based InstaBattle/Reputation-Free InstaBattle, etc.)
  • Revised lore for Hollows to fit with mixed-animal groups; changed Cultists to Bandits
  • Finalized user story timeline
  • Revised race lore in the Story Style Guide

Next week in general:

  • Final revision of Story Style Guide according to encounter structure
  • Revision of Game Overview Document according to user story and other details
  • Update existing encounters to new format
  • Finish lore for guild weapon unlocks


  • Weapons Done This Week:
  • Monk
  • Warlord
  • Wizard
  • Rogue
  • Guardian
  • Druid ( 4 of them )

Next week i am going to complete the remaining Ranger weapons and therefore finish all the weapons, moving on to the character drawing.


Druid Weapons


  • Viking, Forsaken, Goblin, Pirate_ship, Boat drawings are complete.
  • Pirate_ship is colored. Yarrr!
  • Default island elements and lines.
  • (mountain-tree-shipyard-buoy-place)
  • Island outline is done.
  • Grassland_floor is  drawn and colored. Green!
  • Shipyard, buoy drawn and colored. Uhm, Ships!
  • An example grassland island is created for the map.
  • Goblin, Forsaken, Viking ships and boats are colored.
  • Dwarf, Everguard Ship drawings are complete.
  • Dwarf, Elf, Player, Guild, Adventure Ship drawings complete.
  • Which means all Ship drawings are complete!

Next week i am going to work over map drawings.


  • Adventure Ship ( for  trainers and companions) is complete.
  • I was asked to create background images using Serif’s ship drawings. Based on initial designs, i worked over some ships according to the background drawing and painting style.
  • Hollow, Orc,  Goblin and Pirate ships are complete from the Faction Ships list, i am currently working on Forsaken ship.

Next week i am going to finish the ship drawings and if i have some time left; i will start working on The Citadel.


  • Animated those backgrounds and pushed them to the game
  • Arctic Camp
  • Grassland Cave
  • Barrens Graveyard
  • Volcanic Hill
  • Volcanic Landing Ship
  • Grassland Shore
  • House
  • Swamp Camp
  • Adventurer Ship
  • Barrens Outdoor 1
  • Applied new map / island materials and pushed for test.
  • New FFD (Free Form Deformation) tested and applied.

Next week i am planning to implement new islands and animate backgrounds.


This week was full of optimizations! Optimizations for everybody! Optimizations!

    • New island system for the map. Veysel can now freely edit the islands.
    • Made developer art for different islands! I needed placeholders.
    • When we implemented the new islands, map was running with 10 FPS. With a lot of optimization, we got our normal values back.
    • We have found the problematic parts with Veysel, we have found the working-fine parts too. Decided to stick with the working-fine parts.
    • Fixed the Quality Settings; removed settings that didn’t change anything visually.
    • Most of the shadow and island texture in the background were shrinked to 256*256 or 128*128 from 1920*1080. Since they are already blurred images, it’s not a noticeable change. They were causing problems in terms of performance.
    • Now when we are not moving in the map; instead of stopping time, game goes into slow mo mode. Also fixed several bugs that came with this system.
    • We have revised the Encounter writing system. We will be adding “Race_xxx, homeland, conquered” requirements, an alliance system, and prerequisites of those.
    • Now when vikings came out of the portal and when they go into a war we have FX. They are developer art too ( Though it looks nice ).
    • Inn and Altar islands are back! But currently Inns are starting random quests. (‘Dunno why’)
    • Added the new music files we received from our composer. They do not match the environment yet but we decided on what to use where.

Next Week:

  • I will revise the music system, our requirements have changed and if possible new system will use less CPU.
  • Inn will be reactivated.
  • Background manager will be revised, some fixing is required for the new settings.
  • Quest-giving system will be reactivated.
  • We need a simple alliance system.

Map during play test (Alpha)


  • We have decided on our general Dev-Blog outline.
  • We are preparing our new Overfall facebook page.
  • I am still randomly dwelling in the office, looking over people’s shoulders to understand everyone’s roles in the game.

Soon we will publish our new facebook page and give fresh updates to our followers. I am still brainstorming  about our future social media approaches and structure of blog posts.


  • Created a checklist for remaining works about Greenlight and Kickstarter.
  • Made a Press Kit outline, and a necessary list of community management and marketing materials.
  • Revised the encounter structure and updated the components. Also our story writing systems has now new components to be used. On Monday we will update the pipeline and our filing system.
  • Created mockups for Overfall’s cover arts and illustrations.

Our new map is totally playable now! I want the visuals done by Friday so we can start producing our video. If we add the end-game and some tooltips, our new map will be so good. Our writer Selin has spent many sleepless nights for her final project while working over our new encounter system at her free time with her every-10-minutes coffee.


Overfall is sailing forward really well, thank you all for your support and see you next week!

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